Rent-to-Try Program

This system generates exactly the same PEMF as the new iMRS Prime

iMRS Professional rental cost

  • $150 per week (two weeks recommended) 

  • shipping cost* if necessary (quoted by postcode)

  • refundable security bond = $500**

  • Payment via credit card over the phone or by bank transfer


The iMRS Professional System includes: 

  • control unit

  • full-body mat

  • pillow pad applicator 

  • probe applicator 

  • instructions

  • phone support

*Shipping is organised to and from your home. We ship to every part of Australia. To return a system, you will be emailed a shipping label that must be printed by you and attached to the box over the existing label.

**Security Bond is refunded upon the return of the rental system.

Rental Agreement 

The iMRS Professional System includes all three PEMF applicators: the full body mat, pillow applicator, probe and an easy to use control unit… everything you need.

Setup & Instructions:

The system is very easy to use. Just follow the included one-page chart. Push the 'on' button, set time and intensity and then push start. Additional support is done by a simple phone call.

If you choose to purchase an iMRS system after the rental period:

As a courtesy, we let you keep the rental system (no additional charge once payment is received) until your new system arrives in approximately a week.

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