How to Purchase a System

All prices on this website are in US Dollars (USD $'s) & don't include GST


Shipping costs are USD $250 for the iMRS systems and USD $160 for the Omnium 1 systems


To convert the approximate Australian dollar (AUD) amount go to

                    (this conversion will only reflect the current rate, which will differ at the time of purchase)

Payment options:

1 - bank transfer - the transfer details will be on your order form at the bottom right-hand corner

2 - credit card or PayPal - once the order form is received, a secure payment link will be sent to you via email to make the payment


Once you have made a decision, then contact us and we will fill out an order form, which you will receive a copy.


The order will then be processed and you will be sent a secure online payment link if you choose to purchase by credit card or PayPal. If you purchase using a bank transfer then please send us a receipt


Once payment is received, then your system will be sent using DHL, which usually takes 3 to 5 business days

GST will be collected by the courier, who will notify you and arrange payment. DHL will also send you tracking information 


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