Two Personal Experiences

I initially researched PEMF devices for over three months online and spoke to a few people who had personal experiences with PEMF devise and/or were marketing a particular device. There weren’t many people at all with any experience with PEMF in Australia, or at least, I couldn’t find them. It is very confusing to say the least. There are many manufacturers out there saying this and that so I read Bryant Meyer’s book, “PEMF – The 5th Element of Health,” which I found to be very informative with his balance of being a professor of physics while also being a nutritionist with a holistic approach to healing the body. In the end, I listened to hours and hours of testimonials and lectures on PEMF on YouTube, which I found to give me the best grounding in what was out there and what seemed to work.

After the months of investigation, I made two basic decisions. The first was to only look at systems that were designed and manufactured in Europe. Europe was the first to adopt this technology decades before North America. Germany and Switzerland are by far the leaders. That’s not to say that there are not any exceptions, but for the most part, this seemed to be the overall trend.

The second decision was to choose a device that generated magnetic frequencies within the ‘biological window' or earth frequencies. By the biological window, I mean frequencies that stay within the realm of the Earth-based and atmospheric frequencies produced by Mother Nature. It makes common sense to me that these are the frequencies we need to resonant with to bring our bodies back to its natural balance and not go beyond the ‘natural frequencies’ we’ve evolved to over millions of years.

The iMRS sets itself apart from the competition in many ways in my opinion. It comes with a biofeedback accessory (finger sensor) that monitors heart rate variability, which in turn automatically adjusts the magnetic intensity or flux density for every individual treatment.  This is one of the biggest distinguishing features. The biofeedback also helps to reduce habituation and along with reversing polarity every two minutes, this also reduces acclimation. I eventually purchased several other German and European PEMF devices and there’s a marked difference in the quality of manufacture with the iMRS. It is the proverbial German brick dunny. I would never buy a full body mat or smaller pad you couldn’t wipe off easily. You can clean the medical-grade vinyl of the iMRS but I don’t have any idea how you would clean the cloth-like covering on two other German-made systems. It just doesn’t make any sense to use such material.

Another major feature I like about the iMRS system is that the full-body mat generates a sawtooth wave. The sawtooth wave bundles frequencies and amplitudes that generate many different frequencies which resonate with the different tissue and cell frequencies.  The pillow pad and probe generate a square wave. The square wave has a rapid rise and fall. Together with the sawtooth, it’s one of the most researched and effective waveforms. The most notable study on the square wave is the study done by Dr Goodwin with NASA. He found that a 10 Hz, low frequency, low-intensity square wave was a vary effective waveform for healing and regeneration. 


Two Personal Experiences:

I originally purchased the iMRS for my ex-partner. She had a very acute lower back problem that was getting worse for over nine months. She was in such severe pain that she had to sleep sitting up in one of our large lounge chairs all night. It was very difficult for her to get up from sitting down and to also walk around the house. She had gone to see doctors, who just wanted to prescribe drugs, which wasn’t any interest to her because it wasn’t going to fix the problem. She saw a physiotherapist for seven months while also going to a chiropractor. Nothing helped much at all.

After getting the iMRS and lying on the full body mat for ten minutes plus using the pillow pad for fifteen minutes TWICE a day, there was some relief but nothing spectacular. Three days later after using the iMRS twice a day for ten minutes plus the pillow pad behind her back for 20 minutes everything was gone – the pain, the stiffness and the lack of mobility. That was over two years ago now and there has been no reoccurrence or any major problem since. She just continues to use the mat twice a day for ten or fifteen minutes and occasionally the pillow pad if she feels she need it.


I’m a male over sixty and I was in a boat accident nearly twenty-six years ago where I broke my back. My sacrum, the large triangular-shaped bone at the base of my spine, was sheared completely in two and one part was shifted forward the width of the bone. I experienced extreme pain and the orthopaedic specialists said there was nothing that could be done as the major sacral nerves and blood vessels literally ran through four openings on each side of the sacrum.


I was on crutches for seven months with pain levels of seven to ten. While the major pain finally subsided after about nine months, I was left with chronic pain and stiffness that ebbed and waned in varying degrees over the years. It was always there and I thought it always would be. I tried every complementary or alternative therapy I could find and different practitioners doing the same but nothing lasted. I spend thousands of dollars over those years. I was always seeing someone about my back at a minimum of at least once every two weeks over twenty-six years, so 26 weeks x 26 years at $50 a treatment equals $33,800 but it was probably more.

Four days, twice a day on the full body mat and the pillow pad and it was 95% gone. It’s stayed that way ever since, so the iMRS has really been worth the investment. To top that, I now sleep about one to one and a half hours less. I don't get up in the middle of the night (I used to at least once – sometimes twice) and when I wake up, I feel much more refreshed and wider awake. There’s no sleep inertia like there used to be where it took me a while to become fully awake and aware.

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