Intensity - More is NOT Better 

High frequencies & intensities may not be the long term answer. 

Resonate with the earth's natural frequencies. 

Considerations regarding High Intensity PEMF devices

There are two basic approaches or schools of thought in the marketplace regarding PEMF devices:


      1 - devices using the earth’s natural frequency range of 0 to 30Hz (like the iRMS Prime or Omnium1)


      2 - high-intensity devices, which discharge magnetic intensities hundreds to thousands of times greater than the earth’s natural magnetic field


One might compare the first approach to a homoeopathic or naturopathic approach. This is working with the body to empower it to heal more efficiently and faster. Common sense says It’s obviously safe, as we’ve been living with these magnetic fields for millions of years.


Some important notes:


  • · the present magnetic field is 50% to 90% (depending on the source) from what it used to be

  • · we are highly insulated from the natural magnetic field in our lives

  • · we are inundated with high-frequency electromagnetic smog from phones, wifi, high power electric lines, cordless phones, etc


It’s very important to keep in mind that PEMF therapy and energy medicine devices DO NOT HEAL THE BODY. All earth-based PEMF therapy does is give your body an energetic boost… it facilitates and aids in your bodies healing and repair process and the best and safest way to do this is with Mother Nature’s intensities and frequencies. NASA’s four-year study found that using low natural frequencies has shown no risks and potentially huge benefits.


The second approach is comparable to modern allopathic medicine, which likes to synthesise natural healing elements found in nature and synthesise them into highly potent pharmaceutical compounds that can produce side effects. This is the more is better principle of attacking a symptom with overpowering chemicals, not in a natural form. It can suppress or mask the symptoms, but it also can create side effects. This shows it is overriding the body’s natural healing process only to produce other symptoms from the procedure itself… many times hidden until the body can’t tolerate it anymore and new symptoms result.


The high-intensity PEMF devices on the market are chiefly sold for pain relief, muscular-skeletal and for animals... like horses. They can and do provide symptomatic relief, but low-intensity PEMF systems do as well. There is a time and place for high-intensity PEMF devices, but ONLY under the supervision of a trained practitioner and ONLY for a short period of time. Many times, the devices need to be specifically targeted to areas of the body with specific frequency protocols. There are many different high frequencies protocols depending on the manufacturer with widely varying opinions on the which frequency protocols to use.  There’s no question on the safety with the lower natural frequencies.

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