iMRS Prime Advanced System Features

Biorhythm Clock & Fast Start Programs

Biorhythm Clock

The biorhythm clock is unique to Swiss Bionic Solution PEMF-systems and gives the entire organism the frequency spectrum it needs for the time of the day that it is being used. The internal biorhythm clock automatically changes the frequency of the mat based upon the time of day it is being used.

Settings & Frequency

  • Morning – great for an energetic start into the day (15 Hz)

  • Afternoon – great for stress relief in the afternoon (5 Hz)

  • Evening – great for relaxation in the evening (3 Hz)

  • Night – great for preparing the body and mind for deep rejuvenating sleep (0.5 Hz)

7 Fast Start Programs

The iMRS Prime gets you going right away! All Fast Start Programs are designed for ease of use making holistic applications very simple and highly effective on a daily basis. All Fast Start Programs are automatically aligned and synchronized with the Exagon Brain if it is connected and activated!

There is a “biological window” of electromagnetic intensities to which the body responds best .


Duration: 12 Minutes

Organclock Setting: MORNING (15 Hz)

Parameters (black text = PEMF, blue text = Exagon Brain)
Intensity Level 10, 4 Minutes
R 255 | G 0 | B 255, Brightness 100%

Intensity Level 25, 4 Minutes
R 255 | G 0 | B 255, Brightness 100%

Intensity Level 50, 4 Minutes
R 255 | G 0 | B 255, Brightness 100%


Duration: 24 Minutes

Organclock: EVENING

Parameters (black text = PEMF, blue text = Exagon Brain):
Intensity Level 25, 12 Minutes
R 0 | G 255 | B 0, Brightness 80%

Intensity Level 10, 12 Minutes
R 0 | G 255 | B 0, Brightness 80%


Duration: 12 Minutes

Organclock: NOON

Parameters (black text = PEMF, blue text = Exagon Brain):
Intensity Level 50, 4 Minutes

R 200 | G 45 | B 0, Brightness 100%

Intensity Level 100, 4 Minutes
R 200 | G 45 | B 255, Brightness 100%

Intensity Level 200, 4 Minutes
R 200 | G 45 | B 255, Brightness 100%


Duration: 24 Minutes

Organclock: EVENING

Parameters (black text = PEMF, blue text = Exagon Brain):
Intensity Level 25, 12 Minutes

R 0 | G 0 | B 255, Brightness 100%

Intensity Level 10, 8 Minutes
R 0 | G 255 | B 0, Brightness 100%

Intensity Level sensitive 4 Minutes
R 0 | G 255 | B 160, Brightness 80%


Duration: 24 Minutes

Organclock: MORNING

Parameters (black text = PEMF, blue text = Exagon Brain)
Intensity Level 25, 6 Minutes
R 255 | G 150 | B 0, Brightness 100%

Organclock: NOON
Intensity Level 25, 6 Minutes

R 200 | G 45 | B 0, Brightness 100%

Organclock: EVENING
Intensity Level 25, 6 Minutes

R 0 | G 255 | B 160, Brightness 100%

Organclock: NIGHT
Intensity Level 25, 6 Minutes

R 160 | G 0 | B 160, Brightness 100%


Duration: 24 Minutes

Organclock: NIGHT

Parameters (black text = PEMF, blue text = Exagon Brain):
Intensity Level 10, 12 Minutes
R 0 | G 255 | B 160, Brightness 80%

Intensity Level sens, 12 Minutes
R 0 | G 255 | B 160, Brightness 80%


Scale 9

Solfeggio Scale 9

Up until now, Solfeggio frequencies are mostly referred to as sound waves.
The comprehensive Solfeggio Scale 9 contains of the following frequencies:
174 Hz, 285 Hz, 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz, 963 Hz

The 528 Hz frequency is the most significant of the ancient Solfeggio Scale. Known as the „miracle wave“, it has a deep-rooted relationship with nature, and is present in everything from Chlorophyll to DNA. It also has mathematical significance.
528 Hz is also often called the “Love Frequency”.
It is now possible to utilize this ancient wisdom of Solfeggio frequencies in the course of a comprehensive PEMF application.
Swiss Bionic Solutions is applying all Solfeggio frequencies in a holistic and complex method. A precisely defined pulse package which includes ALL single Solfeggio Scale 9 frequencies, was created and will be delivered via the whole body applicator continuously in equal sequences.

Program Mode

The iMRS prime allows you to preprogram multiple users with all the settings you used for each applicator on them. These are saved in the Control Panel storage drive. 

When an assigned user wants to run an application, simply choose a specific applicator and the system will provide the default parameters.

Split Mode - Run Two PEMF Systems at Once

The iMRS Prime is the world’s first PEMF system that allows the use of two separate applicators with only ONE control unit! The connector box of the iMRS Prime provides 6 applicator plugs (3 on each side) and contains 2, equally powered D/A converters.


The Split Mode divides the touchscreen into two operating interfaces that allows setting two independent parameters and applicators for each session using full signal strength.


Brainwave Entrainment - Exagon Brain


Brainwave entrainment is a method to stimulate the brain into entering a specific state by using a pulsing sound, light, colour or an electromagnetic field. The pulses elicit the brain's 'frequency following' response, encouraging the brainwaves to align to the frequency of a given beat.

If given a stimulus, through the ears, eyes or other senses, it emits an electrical charge in response, called a Cortical Evoked Response (CER). When presented with a rhythmic stimulus, like a drum beat, the rhythm is reproduced in the brain in the form of these electrical impulses which synchronized the two hemispheres. The brain then responds by synchronizing its own electric cycles to the same rhythm – also called the Frequency Following Response (FFR).

The Exagon Brain combines rhythmic sound and light stimuli in harmony with the biological organ clock to achieve the best possible Brainwave Entrainment.


Unlike traditional meditation, Brainwave Entrainment is a reliable, predictable, and consistent tool allowing to harmonize various areas of your brain at will. With regular practice, new neural connections begin to form between the two hemispheres for cumulative, long-term benefits.

Audio-visual brainwave entrainment (AVE) = simultaneous use of sound and light. Although visual entrainment is more effective than audio entrainment, when the auditory and visual cortex are stimulated simultaneously, greater portions of the brain can be entrained.

Photic Stimulation… uses constant repetitive light pulses to entrain the brain. It is delivered by TV, computer screens, strobe lights, LED eye sets or virtual reality goggles like the Exagon Brain. Visual entrainment is more effective than audio entertainment because the visual correct is larder than the auditory cortex. When the visual correct becomes entrained, it affects a greater portion of the brain.


Brainwave Frequencies

Alpha: 8-12HZ

Awake, but deeply relaxed. Simply closing your eyes will

produce alpha brainwaves. Associated with daydreaming,

visualization, imagination and light meditation.

Beta: 12-38HZ

Normal waking consciousness. Associated with cognitive

tasks (problem-solving, decision making, verbal

communication). Higher levels linked to stress, anxiety,

and panic

Theta: 3-8HZ

Dreaming, REM sleep, creativity, access to unconsciousness, long-term memory, emotional healing, intuition, deep reverie, spiritual wisdom. Hypnosis: range of hyper-suggestibility, program or reprogram beliefs

Delta: 0.2-3HZ

Deep, dreamless sleep, trance, deep hypnosis. Brainwave expert Judith Pennington calls it the „Doorway to Universal Consciousness“

Gamma: 38-100HZ

Last discovered, least explored. Associated with higher learning, strong focus and concentration, high flow of information, mystical and transcendent experiences. focused meditation

Photic Stimulation…



Advanced Biofeedback - Exagon Sense


  • HRV - heart rate variability

  • SpO2 - blood oxygen level

Heart rate variability (HRV) is an accurate method to assess autonomic nervous system function. Thus, HRV analysis is widely used in different applications including (but not limited to) health science research, stress and wellbeing (including occupational stress) studies, and exercise and recovery monitoring.

Heart Rate (HR) is the number of heartbeats per minute. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the fluctuation in the time intervals between adjacent heartbeats. HRV concerned with analyzing the intervals between heartbeats, which are called inter-beat intervals (IBIs).


SpO2 stands for peripheral capillary oxygen saturation, an estimate of the amount of oxygen in the blood. More specifically, it is the percentage of oxygenated haemoglobin (haemoglobin containing oxygen) compared to the total amount of haemoglobin in the blood (oxygenated and non-oxygenated haemoglobin).

If a pulse ox measured your blood oxygen level (SpO2), a normal reading is typically between 95% and 100%. A below-normal blood oxygen level is called hypoxemia. Hypoxemia is often a cause for concern. The lower the oxygen level, the more severe the hypoxemia. This can lead to complications in body tissue and organs. The optional available “Exagon Sense“ of the iMRS prime is capable of indicating the SpO2 value during an application using a so-called photoplethysmographic sensor.


Kubios HRV Report


Exagon Sense in combination with KUBIOS software can be utilized as a monitoring unit to observe and assess the autonomic nervous system and evaluate improvements together with iMRS Prime applications over time!

Get Kubios HRV Standard Software For Free

Kubios HRV Standard

A freeware heart rate variability analysis software for non-commercial personal use:

  • Supports RR data from HR monitors (Polar, Suunto, Garmin)

  • Computes all commonly used time- and frequency-domain as well as several nonlinear HRV parameters

  • Analysis results can be exported in CSV and PDF format

Analysis results reflect changes in cardiac autonomic regulation and can be used for example to assess stress and recovery.


Kubios HRV is developed by an experienced team of medical physicists from Kuopio, Finland. The first version of Kubios HRV was released in 2004 and the software has been used in over 800 scientific studies. Download Kubios HRV Standard now and start exploring your HRV.

More information: Kubios HRV Standard brochure

Clinical Research - iMRS Prime Trial System


Planning and conducting clinical studies on PEMF is becoming of great interest among the medical research society. PEMF research studies on PubMed have more than doubled in the last five years. Swissbionic Solutions has developed specific software for the iMRS Prime, which allows it to define and perform all physical parameters that are essential to creating precise and reproducible PEMF application protocols. New PEMF research or replicating existing study parameters within the range of low pulsed electromagnetic stimulation can now be conducted without constructing and manufacturing expensive prototypes!

Adjustable parameters of the Trial:

  • Waveforms: Sine Waves, Square Waves, Sawtooth, Triangle, Trapezoidal

  • Carrier Frequencies: 0,1 – 39,99 kHz

  • Number of pulses: fully adjustable

  • Impulse Breaks: fully adjustable

  • Impulse repetitions: fully adjustable

  • Intensities: 0,1 – 900 microTesla

  • Supports: Exagon MAT, Exagon PAD, Exagon Spot

  • Control panel allows to create and administrate groups and probands within defined groups including all application protocols.

Colour Chromotherapy

Visible colour spectrum composed of reds, greens, blues and their combined derivatives

Light affects both the physical and etheric bodies.

Colours generate electrical impulses and magnetic currents or fields of energy.

They are activators of the biochemical and hormonal processes in the human body.

Many natural therapists are using chromotherapy on their patients.

Colours influence us differently, because they have different wavelengths and frequencies, and affect different parts of the brain.



Stimulation, vitality, life force, energy, revolution, change, ambition, grounding, passion, alertness, pioneering, positivity, survival, awakening, emerging.


Joy, happiness, warmth, creativity, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, generosity.


Mental activity, learning, intellect, acquired/ learned knowledge, individuation, alertness, concentration, focus, cheerful, warmth, cleaning, fear, empowerment, self-esteem, confidence.


Sedative, cooling, calming, fluidity, growth, balance, money/prosperity, birth, new beginnings, nature, health, healing, heart, loving, curiosity, trust, feelings, integrity, harmony, seeking truth, relationships.


Higher heart, introspection, communication of the heart, studying and gathering information, learning, unconditional love, self-respect, respect for all life, taking individual responsibility.


Stimulates emotions, meditation, inspiration, intuition, inner emotional release, opening inner doors, dreams, wisdom, spirituality, higher mind, power, letting go, vision, transformation, loyalty, integration, mysticism, balance of male and female.


The higher mind, that is connected to the all-that-is, the akashic records, the cosmic library. It is the colour that makes contact with your “inner vision“ or intuition, that part of you, which sees beyond the five senses.


Calming, deep inner peace, rest-fullness, openness, cooling, relaxing, assists in deep changes, higher mental activities (3rd eye), insight, wisdom, sky, water, sadness, unity, safety, communication that comes through us, clarity.


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