Improve Employee Health & Wellness to Increase your Bottom Line!

Re-energize and Revitalize your Employees

Contribute to a healthier and more productive environment for your employees in just 10 minutes a day?


The Problem

70% of Australian employees suffer from chronic pain, low energy, poor sleep, brain fog, anxieties, depression and stress. In addition, there is the still unrecognised and acknowledged harmful effects of Wi-Fi, mobile phones and other forms of radiation and EMF smog that pervades our environment.


The Solution

Introduce low-frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF's) for just 10 minutes a day and observe an overall increase in an employee's vitality. Natural low-frequency magnetic waves induce microcurrents within all cellular tissues and literally recharge cellular voltage.

  •  One of the best and easy to use wellness solutions available today

  • One iMRS System will treat 30-40 employees

  • Just 10 minutes once or twice a day – all you need is a simple massage table

  • Employees notice fast results and love it 

  • Reduces pains, sick days, fatigue, anxiety & more

  • Improves circulation, energy, sleep, mood, clarity & focus

  • Over 1 million users worldwide use the iMRS

  • Your employees will thank you for PEMF technology 

  • Made in Germany with Swiss engineering design

All you need is a simple massage table, one chair and a little stand to place the controller.


Employees lie on the mat or sit on the chair in their normal clothes. Wallets and keys should be placed to the side.


Training and easy instructions are provided.

Rent a system for two weeks or a month and give it a go! 

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