Wellness Consultant Opportunity

Our Wellness Lifestyle Consultant Business Plan offers a comprehensive and fair remuneration plan in the wellness industry. It provides our independent sales partners a variety of different income streams.

Over the past 10 years, Swiss Bionic Solutions has succeeded in developing certified high-tech products in the field of pulsed electromagnetic therapy. IMRS products are placed globally in 27 countries.

Taking your passion for pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology and turning it into a high-income generating opportunity requires hard work and commitment. Those who are ready for the challenge have the opportunity to earn a substantial income in the fastest growing and still untapped market of personal health management.

The best way to find out about this is to call me for a private conversation. Although there is great potential to earn, I'm more concerned about finding people who truly want to help people and are willing to learn about PEMF through a gradual training program that is individually tailored to your specific life circumstances.




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We are looking for people in all parts of Australian who want to genuinely help other people with many kinds of imbalances using PEMF Therapy. PEMF Therapy optimises the body on a cellular level. This increases cellular energy production that enables the body to provide an improved level of healing and metabolism no matter what the age or physical level at the moment.

PEMF Therapy offers a new and proven treatment technology that can be administered either from your home or office. It is a beneficial complement if you are already a practitioner in another aligned disciple or simply wanting to start out to build a  new business helping people. Full training is provided once the PEMF system is purchased, which is needed to treat and/or demonstrate the technology. PEMF is backed by thousands of clinical studies proving its beneficial effects and has been used in Europe for over two decades. 

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