Buyers Guide 

Buyers Guide to iMRS Systems


  • Registered as Class IIa medical device in Europe (MDC) and Canada (Health Canada), and FDA registered Class I device

  • Simple to use, push-button based operation, with easy to connect applicators. Recommended for users who value simplicity

  • Foldable Full-body Mat in 3 sections.  The Mat also generates 3 different levels of intensity at the different section of the mat, offering better-customized intensities needed by the different sections of your body.

  • Medical grade materials for all applicators, and are very durable and suitable for use in almost any type climate (especially humid and hot environment)

  • Same hardware controller for all three models (Wellfit, Complete and Professional). Upgrading is through an update of software via SD-CARD.

  • Ability to connect to multiple applicators at the same time (cannot using them concurrently)

  • The professional model comes with iGuide, a built-in software feature that contains pre-set profiles (for suggested intensity and duration when used with different applicators) for close to 300 types of alignments.

  • Optional bio-feedback system (iMORE) finger sensor utilising Heart Rate Variability measurements

  • Optional audio-visual brainwave entrainment goggles multicolour (red, green, blue) with integrated earphone (iSLRS)




The iMRS comes in 3 configurations – Wellfit, Complete and Professional. They all share all controller with a few different features in each system and also differ in the applicators included.

  • The Wellfit model comes with Controller, full-body mat and pillow. The timer comes in 8, 16 and 24-minute settings and 7 levels of intensity (sensitive, 10, 25, 50, 100, 150 200) to choose from.

  • The Complete model is basically Wellfit model + additional Probe applicator and comes with 8 levels of intensity (level 400)

  • The Professional model is Complete Model + iGuide software feature and has timer settings of 1 to 60-minute intervals to choose from.

  • The Professional also comes with the iGuide, which features a catalogue of 284 conditions with protocols for tie and intensity settings for each applicator. 

All the 3 models can be paired with optional bio-feedback (iMORE) finger sensor and audio-visual brainwave entrainment goggles (iSLRS). The optional bundle is available as a “SET” where both the iMORE and the iSLRS are included. i.e. Wellfit SET means Wellfit plus iMORE and iSLRS. You can also purchase an optional iMRS Travel Bag, which is sold separately.


The current design was first released in the year 2010 and later was updated in the year 2014. All iMRS PEMF systems generate low frequencies (.5 - 15Hz) and low magnetic field intensities from as low as 0.09 μT up to 70 uT (when used with Full Body Mat applicator) to 300 μT (max when used with Probe applicator). There are two types of waveforms available, depending on the type of applicator used. The full body mat uses a Sawtooth waveform, which is better at delivering multiple frequencies to the body and achieves a resonance state in a very short period of time. The Pillow and Probe applicators use a Square wave waveform, which is proven to provide better pain-relief and cell simulations due to its higher potential drop and rise. As a general guideline, we recommend using the pillow and probe applicators for localized treatments

The waveform is a composite of a large number of harmonic sine waves in the low-frequency range. Unlike a simple waveform, the sawtooth electromagnetic signal changes continuously, creating a constant varying stimulation to the body’s tissues via induction, maximizing ion displacement and avoiding habituation or acclimation from a monotonous stimulation. The frequencies range and variations are based on the Chinese organ clock concept explained below



The iMRS system does allow manual configuration of a specific frequency. However, it comes with 4 built-in programs with varied frequency ranges. The 4 programmed frequency ranges are automatically activated according to the time of day of usage. The principle is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)’s organ clock mechanic where different body organs are active at different times of the day. As different organs have a different resonating frequency, the activated program will focus more on the frequencies of the active organs during the period of the treatment. This what is known as the ORGAN CLOCK in an iMRS System. The user can also manually select the program. The Organ Clock programme is only activated when using the full body mat. When using localized applicators (i.e. Pillow or Probe), the Organ Clock programme will not be available. The Organ Clock is part of the features of all the iMRS systems.

  • Morning program – 5am - 10am.

  • Noon program – 10am - 3 pm.

  • Evening program – 3pm - 8pm

  • Night program – 8pm - 5am

Regardless which program is running, the polarity is reversed every 2 minutes.




The iGuide does not offer treatment programmes for various alignments. It does not provide specific frequency ranges to target a particular problem or physical condition. What it offers is a recommended duration (time) and strength (intensity) to use with the choice of applicators you use. For instance, if you are suffering from burnout and you wish to use full body mat in the daytime, the system will recommend a setting of 16 minutes at an intensity of 25. Whereas if you are using it at night, then the system will use sensitive setting. The iGuide, in essence, is an extension of the three customisable user profiles setting options.


The figure below illustrates how the iGuide works. When you purchased a Professional configuration, you will see an iGUIDE option at the bottom right corner of the controller’s LCD panel. Before the start of the session, choose iGuide, and the LCD panel will show you a list of alphabetically arranged conditions (A-Z). Only the first condition in each of the alphabetical category is shown. You have to press the category once more (i.e. Acne) for the screen to bring you to a list of all the conditions in that alphabetical group (i.e. Acne). Next choose the applicator you wish to use (i.e. Pillow, Probe or Mat). Upon selection of the applicator (i.e. Pillow), the iGuide will automatically set the time and intensity recommended for the hour (i.e. 16 minutes and intensity level 25).

The iMRS PEMF Systems are the flagship of Swiss Bionic Solutions, a company with its HQ based in Switzerland. The system consists of a controller, 3 PEMF applicators (Full body Mat and Pillow pad with optional local probe applicator, bio-feedback finger sensor and an audio-visual brainwave entrainment system that can be used with the PEMF system.​

When you have multiple conditions, there is no requirement for you to run multiple sessions based on the iGuide recommendation for each condition, as the frequencies applied to your body often the same. Just choose a condition that you wish to deal with the most. The iGuide is only available in the Professional models.


The Integrated Monitoring and Regulation (iMORE) is a biofeedback system, which is based on Heart Rate Variable (HRV), a clinically proven method to monitor one aspect of your autonomic nervous system. It uses a finger sensor, based on photoplethysmographic sensor technology. The iMRS prepares this data and calculates the individual heart rate variability to dynamically regulate the intensity (flux or magnetic density) during an iMRS treatment. application. With the iMORE, there are 7 levels of health status. The system will analyse and present a health level status every minute when you are using the full body mat. As heart rate varies, the iMRS system will automatically adjust the magnetic field intensity of the full body mat so it can deliver what your body needs.

Figure showing the real-time reading, a minute-by-minute update of the HRV level.

Figure showing the end of session summary screen showing the adjusted intensity during the session based on the HRV reading.

Insight: The iMORE is not a health analysing tool in any way, as it does not keep history logs of the reading or offer multiple user profiles. It’s a real-time bio-feedback system that adjusts the magnetic field intensity of the full body mat during use. Such a feature will be helpful for Clinics, Centres and sport facilities where there are many different users with unknown sensitivity levels to the PEMF stimulation. For chronically ill or weak person, this real-time feedback system will prove useful to offer dynamic adjustments to optimize the treatment.  The iMORE does not work with Pillow or Probe applicator.


Using the iMORE with the iGuide


When using iMORE together with iGuide, the system will use the suggested intensity from iGuide. The system will continue to adjust the intensity level according to the iMORE reading.  If you have to choose between getting an iGuide or iMORE, the iMORE may serve a more practical purpose in comparison. Of course, with both systems in use, you don’t have to guess the settings and it makes the entire operation dummy prove.



The iSLRS is not a PEMF system. It is an integrated brainwave entrainment system that offers brainwave regulation based on the selected program (Organ Clock), which can induce or synchronise brainwave resonance with the pemf frequencies. The iSLRS entrainment session will align with the Organ Clock programme. There are three colours to choose from (Red, Blue, and Green). It also comes with integrated earplugs that provide audio tone entrainment and background music. The light, audio tone and music can be enabled or turned off individually. For best effect, close your eyes. The flashing light will still pass through your eyelids, and the filter will also create a light dispersion effect that allows fuller coverage of your light receptors to send the signal to your visual cortex.

The entrainment programmes in the iSLRS are not for specific treatment. In general, the morning and noon session offer brain activation and concentration (beta), whereas evening session offers relaxation and meditation (alpha), and night session use for sleep and relaxation (delta/theta). Most people experienced the best effect when using the iSLRS together with the full body mat. However, you can also use the iSLRS when using the pillow or probe. The iSLRS will not work when no applicator is plugged into the system.

NOTE: People with a history of Photo-Seizure should use the iSLRS under supervision and should avoid using intense red colour option. Never use the system when you are standing upright.

Choosing which package (Wellfit, Complete or Professional) along with add-on accessories (iMORE, iSLRS) can be a daunting task. It’s important for you to understand your essential needs. Price differences between the basic configuration (Wellfit) and the full configuration (Professional SET) can be up to 40%. Invest in what you presently need - additional items can always be added. The following sections offer some basic guideline for your purchase decision.



You are looking at general well-being using the full body mat for most of the time, with occasional localized treatment using the pillow.  The controller comes with 3 timer settings (8,16 and 24 minutes) and 7 levels of intensity instead of 8 levels (400 is not included). We seldom recommend a user to use more than 24 minutes for full body mat per session, and for most full-body mat sessions, the intensity level recommendation is usually around the initial 3-4 levels (sensitive, 10, 25, 50) and occasionally 100/150 for more acute conditions. The highest level of intensity (400) was designed to use with the probe, to allow it to reach an intensity level of 300μT.



You think you are going to utilise the Probe. The Probe can be a very powerful and useful treatment applicator, especially for pain relief, as it offers a very concentrated level of magnetic field targeting the problem area. It is most effective when one can identify the root point or Ashi point of pain. It can also replace acupuncture and other treatments since it’s nonintrusive and easy to apply. If you are offering services for offering pain-relief treatment, the Probe will be an important tool to consider. One usually needs to hold on the Probe during use, so the application does take a little bit more effort. For the position that’s out of your reach, you will need another person to assist you to hold the Probe in the right position.



You simply want the best and all features, choose the Professional. You have more control over the time settings (1-60 minutes) duration and have instant access to a database (close to 300 conditions) of pre-set profiles for various alignments and conditions. The iGuide is ideal for clinical or centre environments when the system may be used by many different users on daily basis. The database will come in handy for the health professionals to quickly identify the recommended time and intensity settings for various conditions, especially when the operations are carried out by health assistants who may not be familiar with PEMF. In essence, what you gain in the Professional is convenience (with iGuide to quickly retrieve the recommended setting for specific alignment) and better control of time duration (1-60 minutes). The Organ Clock programmes are the same regardless of model – which is the most important aspect of any Earth-based frequency and intensity PEMF system.



The iMORE measures heart rate variability (HRV) - the time lapse in between heartbeats. HRV is currently thought to reflect the functionality or responsiveness of the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is composed of the sympathetic and parasympathetic

systems. The autonomic nervous system is a control system that acts largely unconsciously and regulates bodily functions.

One of the easiest and most effective forms of biofeedback is Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which can be easily and accurately measured through the pulse by using the finger sensor. The beauty of using biofeedback to adjust intensities in a PEMF device is that it allows the user to relax and the system will automatically adjust the settings which the body needs for that given time and day. If you want to monitor your autonomic nervous system, the consider the iMORE



Audio-visual brainwave entrainment (AVE) technology is a very exciting piece of technology on its own. Most people can benefit from the entrainment effect when using the iSLRS system and it is a very good complement to the full body PEMF system. If you already have another standalone 3rd party brainwave entrainment system, you don’t have to invest in an iSLRS. You can reuse your existing AVE system together with the iMRS, though not integrated like iSLRS, which works seamlessly with the system. If you are using the iMRS to improve both your body and mental well-being, iSLRS would be highly recommended. If you are getting an iMRS system to address specific chronic conditions, then iSLRS will not necessarily be the right accessory to address this, even for a mental condition.


The iSLRS is not designed to treat ay mental conditions, we have seen many positive results for those with depression, sleep issue, anxiety, etc. Need more advice? Call 03 8840 7085 and we will offer you advice on the right system for you.


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