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How PEMF helps the body heal using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. PEMF is new to Australia but has been used successfully for many years around the world.

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Wolfgang Jaksch, CEO of Swiss Bionic Solutions, lectures to a large crowd in Sydney - January 2020

PEMF provides a safe and effective  therapy for pain relief in Australia

How PEMF Therapy Works

Many clinical trials have demonstrated that PEMF Therapy works by stimulating cells electrically and magnetically, which in turn stimulates the biochemical and physical metabolic processes within the cells to work more efficiently. The body is a bio-electrical organism... not just biochemical. All cells have a scientifically measured energy potential or voltage. This has been known for over a CENTURY.

1 - PEMF Therapy increases the cellular membrane potential (voltage), which opens the ion channels through the cell membrane or makes the cell wall more permeable. This increases the efficiency of oxygen, water and nutrient absorption, while at the same time, improves the elimination of carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes products. Literally, you have more energy and therefore metabolic efficiencies improve.

2 - The two most significantly reported benefits of PEMF Therapy are decreased pain and improved sleep. It also reduces inflammation, relaxes muscles and tendons, decreases nerve irritability and stimulates tissue healing. PEMF Therapy generally increases the body's cellular voltage or energy potential to facilitate the body's innate ability to do what it needs to do in order to bring about balance and homeostasis.

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) Therapy is relatively new to Australia, but PEMF therapy has been available in Europe for over twenty years. PEMF is commonly used in hospitals, clinics and is recommended by doctors in many countries in Germany and Eastern Europe. Professional sports teams have adopted PEMF in the US, Canada and many other countries. It's used for faster injury rehabilitation and post-match recovery... plus a general performance improvement in athletes and also horses. Pain and inflammation reduction plus improved sleep are the most common reported benefits, but there are many, many others. 


PEMF stimulates cell metabolism, charging the cells using natural magnetic waves that flow completely through every cell in the body. The magnetic waves (just like an electrical generator) induce bioelectric microcurrents that charge the body on a cellular level, which improves overall health without side effects. In essence, the charging of the cells makes them more efficient... just like a battery.


The National Institute of Health has targeted PEMF as a research priority. NASA's 4-year study showed significant improvement in healing and repairing of tissues. PEMF is also called PMT (Pulsed Magnetic Therapy). Only magnetic waves, unlike light or sound waves, pass completely through the body, which ensures all cells and tissues receive the benefits of microcurrent induction and increased cellular efficiencies.


PEMF Therapy Australia is at the forefront of a proven, scientifically-based and highly researched Integrative Medicine. Integrative or Energy Medicine recognises that all life is energy-based, not just chemically-based. This energy is both electrical and electromagnetic on a quantum level. One energy cannot exist without the other. It's a fundamental physical law. Thousands of research studies have been published on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy showing increased circulation, pain relief, more restful sleep, improved metabolism & oxygenation, inflammation reduction, faster recovery from injuries, enhanced performance in sports and a general overall improvement in energy. Check PEMF testimonials on YouTube (PEMF Testimonials).


Health & Wellbeing Fundamentals:

1 - you need sufficient levels of energy to heal or maintain your health (PEMF increases cellular voltage, ATP production, oxygenation, hydration & detoxification)

2 - you need the proper building blocks to regenerate new cells including a proper diet, supplements, etc (PEMF increases O2, H2O and nutrition absorption)

3 - you need to eliminate sources of toxins causing any imbalances whether physical, emotional or mental (PEMF detoxes, relaxes & improves sleep)



PEMF Therapy Australia optimises the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating functions. www.pemf.com.au does individual PEMF treatments, rents PEMF systems and distributes one of the best PEMF devices available in the world.


PEMF Therapy Australia is an Australian distributor for Swiss Bionic Solutions, the manufacturer of the iMRS PEMF systems, which has over 2,000,000 users worldwide. Swiss Bionic Solutions has been making PEMF systems for over 23 years. The iMRS is designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany.

It's easy... just lie down & relax for ten minutes for a PEMF treatment

best PEMF deive in Australia

PEMF Therapy uses the earth's magnetic fields to energise the body and improve overall health.

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